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From "Conor MacNeill" <>
Subject RE: Jikes & <depend> task
Date Fri, 12 Jan 2001 03:53:45 GMT

> From: Peter Donald []
> >When using the <depend> task, what do I have to specify for the <taskdef>
> >tag? I was looking in optional.jar,
> I don't think you should need to use taskdef tag as ant already defines
> these I believe.

Yes, that is true, but only in ant 1.3. <depend> did not exist in ant 1.2

> >When working with dependencies, I seem to be faced with two
> alternatives:
> >using the <depend> task or using jikes? Which does a better job?
> Depends on a number of things. If you specify
>   <property name="build.compiler.depend" value="true"/>
> in your build file then I believe they are equivelent. <depend /> is
> however better if you need to perform other operations onf the files or if
> you want to use the modern/classic javac compilers (or product specific
> ones like sjc, msjc etc). <depend /> can also be used to better effect if
> you want to check full dependencies and not just for files that
> changes but
> in that case it is slow ;)

I'd like more feedback on that, if you have it. I would like to improve
<depend> if I can, so any performance feedback will help.

> If you have small codebases (ie under 100 .java files) it is
> easier to just
> delete all .class and do full recompile with jikes as both <depend /> and
> jikes miss a few dependencies. This is usually faster anyways ;)

Again, do you have details, or examples, on dependencies that <depend>
misses. I know that currently, non public classes can caue problems.


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