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From Andrew Duncan <>
Subject RE: Question about tar support.
Date Mon, 29 Jan 2001 06:41:26 GMT

I'm completely new to ANT, so I'm not sure exactly how the <tar> tag works.

However, the "p" flag of tar has this description (in Solaris): -

p    Restore the named files to their  original  modes,  and
     ACLs  if  applicable,  ignoring  the  present umask(1).
     This is the default behavior if invoked  as  super-user
     with  the  x function letter specified.  If super-user,
     SETUID and sticky information are also  extracted,  and
     files  are restored with their original owners and per-
     missions, rather than owned by root.  When  this  func-
     tion  modifier  is  used  with the c function, ACLs are
     created in the tarfile along  with  other  information.
     Errors will occur when a tarfile with ACLs is extracted
     by previous versions of tar.

An example from the command-line would be: -

tar cvfp my.tar mydir
tar xvfp my.tar

Assuming you can pass command-line flags through the <tar> tag, you might
want to try this.


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From: Javier Kohen []
Sent: Monday, January 29, 2001 10:40
Subject: Question about tar support.

I'm using Ant-1.2 to build my project, and everything but one thing is
working as I expect, the tarball generated by the following command doesn't
keep the executable bit in the file mode:

  <tar tarfile="${name}-${DSTAMP}.tar" basedir="${dist.dir}" includes="**"

Any suggestions?

Javier Kohen <>
ICQ: blashyrkh #2361802

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