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From "Sylvain Rey" <>
Subject RE: Jikes & <depend> task
Date Fri, 12 Jan 2001 08:05:57 GMT
> > I'm still looking for feedback on <depend>, BTW.
> It seems to work fine as far as I can tell. I haven't done any super
> strenuous testing of it, though. I can try and get back to you with
> something more later (time is kind of crunched at the moment).

It seems to work fine for me too on a not so big project (about 450 source
files) but with sometimes quite crucial/difficult dependencies.

I had some troubles at the beginning however: when I first used it, it
created the good dependencies (I've been checking in the cache) but didn't
erase any old classes when making changes in the source files. After
deleting all built classes by hand and rebuilding everything then it was
able to delete the old files when needed.
I know this is not a really precise description. I'm not really sure what
was happening.

Since this, I haven't noticed any false/not found dependency for the moment
(I use this feature since 3 days only).

Talking speed, it takes 25s with an empty cache to build the dependencies
tree on my project. It then takes less than 5 seconds to check dependencies
with a minor change (only 8 dependencies to find, but in various locations)
(450Mhz laptop, IDE drive on win2k).

As a matter of conclusion, like Diane, I will probably have more feedback to
provide on this feature later.


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