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From Aylin Yilmaz <>
Subject <war> task
Date Tue, 30 Jan 2001 17:29:00 GMT

I'm trying to build a war file- and within that war file I am trying to put
all my jar files into the Web-inf/lib directory. My jar files are located in
this pseudo-structure below...


My script: 
    <war ....
           <lib dir="${build.dir}/jars/" >
              <include name="**/*.jar"/>

However, this creates the lib directory with the subdirectories
apple,pear,and orange -and within those, my jar files. Is there a way to
exclude those subdirectories and have the lib directory include only the
.jar files? In a perfect world the following code snippet would get the job

        <lib dir="${build.dir}/src/Jars/**" >
          <include name="*.jar"/>

I couldn't find an example of how I may be able to recurse through the
subdirectories of a root directory and include only certain files, in the
ant documentation. 

Thank you,

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