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From Bruce Elliott <>
Subject javac not compiling all files
Date Mon, 22 Jan 2001 23:16:08 GMT
I have recently started using ant to create an automated build/test/release
process for our project.

As part of our testing we are using JTest and are writing JTest Test Class
files (java files that extend jtest.TestClass).

I would like to have ant build the Test Class files as well as the project
java files.

The project class files all seem to compile fine, but for some reason, some
of the Test Class java files
are not compiled.  There is no error for them they just don't get compiled.

I am running NT and I have noticed that the properties dialog for the files
that are not getting compiled show that the files were accessed, so the
javac command saw the file there but did nothing about it.

Also, I have looked to see if there is any possibility that there is a class
file somewhere in the path and there is not.

Any clues?

Here is the target I am having problems with -

properties ---------------------------------------------------------

  <property name="java.home"       value="D:/jdk1.3"/>
  <property name="java.lib"        value="${java.home}/jre/lib"/>
  <property name="j2ee.home"       value="D:/J2sdkee"/>
  <property name="j2ee.lib"        value="${j2ee.home}/lib"/>

  <property name="CVSRoot"
  <property name="work.root"       value="C:/CVSRoot"/>

  <property name="campus.root"     value="Monsoon/02-Develop"/>
  <property name="camp.src.root"   value="${campus.root}/Java"/>
  <property name="camp.class.root" value="${camp.src.root}/classes"/>
  <property name="camp.lib.root"   value="${campus.root}/Lib"/>
  <property name="src.campus"

  <property name="jtest.install"   value="C:/Progra~1/ParaSoft/jtest"/>
  <property name="jtest.bin"       value="${jtest.install}/bin"/>
  <property name=""       value="C:"/>
  <property name="jtest.tests"     value="${}/test/Jtest"/>
  <property name="test.cvs"        value="${work.root}/test"/>

-------------------------------------------------snip target

  <target name="test" depends="prepare">

    <javac srcdir="${}/test/JTest/TestClasses"
           optimize="off" >
        <path id="clpath3">
          <pathelement location="${java.lib}" />
          <pathelement location="${j2ee.lib}/j2ee.jar" />
          <pathelement location="${work.root}/${camp.class.root}" />
          <pathelement location="${jtest.install}/classes/" />
          <pathelement location="${}/test/JTest/TestClasses" />
          <fileset dir="${work.root}/${camp.lib.root}">
            <include name="**/*.jar" />


Bruce Elliott
Test Engineer
tel: 480 315-4659
fax: 480 315-4007

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