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From Steve Donie <>
Subject finding out the results of a fileset
Date Thu, 11 Jan 2001 20:36:08 GMT
I have a jar task that creates a fileset that should have files in it, but
the build is failing with the message, 

"E:\Work\tahoe\tools\build.xml:193: Cannot create jar archive
E:\Work\tahoe\dist\20010111\com_lgc_dsClient.jar: no files were included."

Here's the snippet of build.xml:
  <target name="jar-client" depends="compile,rmic"
    <mkdir dir="${dist}/${DSTAMP}" />
    <echo file="ClientManifest.txt" />
      whenempty="fail" />

I am also puzzled about the echo task in this target not working - should

How can I tell what files a fileset is looking for, which one it found,
etc.? I can't tell if it is processing the ClientManifest.txt or not. 

If I take out the excludes line above, I do get a jar file, but it has
EVERYTHING in the ${classes} dir, which is not what I want - I just want the
files listed in the ClientManifest.txt.

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