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From Cristiano Sadun <>
Subject RE: Build.xml question
Date Thu, 25 Jan 2001 16:03:30 GMT
Actually I just tried and it doesnt work. However,

The reason for my second question was that I'm writing (in spare time) a
makefile generator which computes dependencies from java classes' constant
pool, as both MMake and Makify dont generate the kind of makefile tree I
need to control large projects. 

But of course such information contains circular deps - and when creating
the target/dependents relation I'm forced to chose arbitrarily one way,
resulting in weaker construction properties.

Thanks to you both, however


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From: KC Baltz []
Sent: Thursday, January 25, 2001 5:00 PM
To: ''
Subject: RE: Build.xml question

> Sorry, let me rephrase to see if I understand correctly: if I define a
> target A as dependent from B, 
> and B as dependent from A (in two <target..> elements) this 
> doesn't cause
> any problem? 
> In most make impls this cause a circular dependency error. 
> I'll set up a
> test to see.

I think that Stefan thought you mean a circular Java dependency.  I wouldn't
recommend circular <target> dependencies.


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