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From Thad Humphries <>
Subject signing JAR files with Netscape signtool
Date Wed, 03 Jan 2001 19:26:34 GMT
I have a VeriSign Digital ID Class 3 cert for that I use for signing 
applets.  I use Netscape's signtool which can sign applets secured either 
with the old Netscape security scheme or the newer Java 2 method.

Ant's <signjar> tag apparently uses Java's jarsigner which requires (by my 
reading) an X.509 certificate.  When I try to direct <signjar> to my 
.netscape directory or the certificate I export from it, ant tells me that 
jarsigner is "unable to instantiate the keystore class".  Is VeriSign's 
Digital ID Class 3 cert not X.509 or am I doing something wrong?

I've gotten around this (for now) by using the <exec> tag and the script 
file I use when signing from the command line but I'd like to know if there 
is a better way about this.
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