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From "Bill Burton" <>
Subject Re: accessing environment variables
Date Mon, 29 Jan 2001 19:51:24 GMT
Hi Bill,

You must be using a nightly build or a copy from CVS since this wasn't a
problem with Ant 1.2.  A fix was just committed to CVS for this which
works for Win 98 and NT.  

However, the fix is simple (which works on both 98 and NT).  Edit the line
    if "%1"=="" goto doneArgs
and replace it with:
    if %1a==a goto doneArgs

-Bill Burton

William Lee wrote:
> I've used this way to pass in my environment variable for a while.  It's
> just that the "ant" startup script for Windows doesn't work if your
> environment has a space in it.  For example, if you have -DYOU_VAR="This
> is an environment variable" it won't work.  I can somewhat fixed it on
> Windows NT, but it doesn't work on Win98.  Otherwise you have to write
> your own wrapper to call Ant.  Hope they can figure out a solution soon.

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