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From Alex Muc <>
Subject WAR files and Config files
Date Fri, 19 Jan 2001 16:29:04 GMT

This is probably slightly off topic, but here goes anyways...
I have an opensource FAQ web application 
( which I would like to package up as a 
.war file to ease the deployment for people using the system on their 
own web servers.  The thing I don't understand is that the configuration 
file for the application will need to be modified/customised for the 
site to which it is deployed (ie.  The application needs to know a 
database username and password to use, and various other details).  The 
question is how can a .war file be made to enclose this information?  
And if it can be done, how difficult is it to get ant to build the .war 
file?  The only way I can think of it being done is to package the 
application up as a .war file then the user would have to unpack the 
file, make the changes to the config file and then pack up the .war file 
again.  Is there any easier way of going about this that people know of?


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