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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: Fully Automated Builds
Date Fri, 19 Jan 2001 00:04:39 GMT
At 12:36  19/1/01 +1300, Bevan Arps wrote:
>Filip Hanik wrote:
>> -logfile mybuid.log should do it
>This only captures ALL the ant output to a file (and includes all of the
>ANT overhead as well) - I want to capture the output of *each*
>compilation to a separate file.
>Eg: Say I trigger a build of a serious of CORBA services we are writing.
>I want ANT to attempt to compile and build each of the following jars:
>I also want to produce a log on our intranet that lists the results of
>each build *separately*.
>I already have this up and running for Delphi builds, but not for Java.
>In other words, I want to get the following output log files from the
>Once I have these files the rest of the logging system will pick them up
>as I desire.
>Thanks for your idea, Filip.
>Any more ideas?

The best option is to custom write your own BuildLogger. You will probably
have to hardwire assumptions into it but it is the only way to do that at
the current time. For instance I generally patterned my buildfiles
targetnames jar-foo. Thus in my BuildLogger every new target that matched
that pattern (by testing in targetStarted method) I would log to a new file



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