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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: Conditional use?
Date Wed, 03 Jan 2001 02:12:50 GMT
At 05:49  2/1/01 -0800, Duffey, Kevin wrote:
>Is it possible in a build file to specify conditional capabilities? For
>example, I want to get the latest source from VSS, then do a build. If there
>is no difference in the build compared to the current files on the disk,
>then the rest of the build is terminated. The reason is, if ANY files
>changed, I want the build to send out an email notifying individuals that a
>build is ready for testing. But if nothing changed, then I don't want it to
>do anything else..there is no reason to notify anyone, and no reason to
>deploy the build to x number of machines. Only if an actual build took
>place. Even better..I would like to copy only the files that have changed
>(for speed) so that it doesn't need to copy the whole set of compiled
>classes, www pages, etc. It seems to me that the "last" target doesn't
>follow this rule. I don't know why, maybe its just me, but I have a build
>script with 4 targets. The first 3 targets work as expected..if a file is
>the same, it doesn't compile it, or copy it, or what ever. The last target,
>which is a "copy" command to copy a dir from one place to another, should
>only copy the files that are changed, but it seems to copy the whole dir,
>despite that most of the files are the same.

Could you send the build file to the list ;)



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