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From "William Settle" <>
Subject Exec and starting a separate process
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT
I'm wanting to start a separate process under Windows NT/2000 and I've tried to
use the <exec/> task to run a .cmd or .bat file that "starts" a separate
process.  Of course <exec/> waits for any new processes to finish before it
moves to the next task.

My batch file, let's call it mybatch.cmd, is nothing but a one liner and looks
  start c:\doit.cmd

I've also tried
  start /separate c:\doit.cmd

and my <exec/> task looks like:
  <exec executable="c:/mybatch.cmd" />

Mybatch.cmd runs, which starts doit.cmd but the <exec/> task will not continue
until doit.cmd and mybatch.cmd is complete ( was written this way).

Before I create my own task I thought I would see if anyone has any ideas how
start a separate, independent process using ant.


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