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From Diane Holt <>
Subject RE: Dir attribute of the execute task.
Date Tue, 09 Jan 2001 19:01:58 GMT
--- Andrew Goodnough <> wrote:
> The bug is centered around which JDK one runs.  I am
> running 1.3 and suspect that Eoin is as well.  The
> Execute() class used by ExecTask() checks first for JDK1.3
> and *only if not present* goes on to check for platform. 
> The separate cases cause different blocks of code to
> execute which treat the working dir differently.

Hmm, I'm not entirely certain that's the problem. I modified my ant.bat
script to run:

d:\dianeh\src\main\jdk13\bin\java -classpath ...

and ran the target I posted earlier, which specifies "ls" as the
executable to run. It works fine. When I change the executable to be
"dir", however, I get the CreateProcess error. If I change the full-path
command to point to the 'java' in my jdk122/bin, with the executable to
run as "dir", I get the CreateProcess error -- with the dir attribute
specified to some other directory, to ".", or not specified at all -- but
it works fine if the specified executable is "ls". If I run any command
other than "dir", regardless of which 'java' I point to to run Ant with,
and regardless of what directory I specify (or don't), it all works fine.
So it seems like the problem could stem from the executable being "dir",
and <exec>'s attribute being called dir as well (which seems weird, but I
don't have time just now to try diddling the source-code to see if I can
see whether that's really the case).



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