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From robb <>
Subject Re: Javadoc default package / individual classes
Date Fri, 19 Jan 2001 17:30:31 GMT
Having had a look at the code for the javadoc task I have discovered a

The javadoc task wraps up all argList items in quotes Except for
options (ie. starts with a hyphen '-')

the solution is to preceede the source-file list with an innocuous
option tag (I used -author since it's on by default anyway)


        <target name="fulldoc" depends="init">
           <javadoc sourcepath="." destdir="${doc.dir}"
                 sourcefiles="-author ${appletsrc}/*.java"

Which works !8^D

Friday, January 19, 2001, 5:00:46 PM:
>> I may be being thick but,
>>        Is is possible to run javadoc (via Ant) on classes in the
>> default package - ie. no package declaration ?
>> We have an application where most classes are in the package
>> structure but several (eg. Applets) are in the default/root
>> package, that is, the root of the class path.
>> Cheers in advance,
>>  RobB

> <Summary>

> Is there any way to Force ant Not to surround source-file
> names with double-quotes

> </Summary>

> I have had a chance to look into the Javadoc docs and discovered that
> the sourcepath isn't used when javadoc-ing individual classes, this
> was part of my original problem.

> However, the problem is now with the use of wildcards.
> I would like Ant to do something like the following:

>         javadoc -d "docs" applets/*.java

> (there is more but not really relevent)
> this (the wild cards specifically) Worsk when using javadoc from DOS.

> However, with the build.xml target as follows (irrellevance removed):

>        <target name="fulldoc" depends="init">
>           <javadoc sourcepath="." destdir="${doc.dir}"
>                 sourcefiles="${appletsrc}/*.java"
>           </javadoc>
>        </target>

> ant runs:

>         javadoc -d "docs" "applets/*.java"

> The quotes around the source-file names causes javadoc to interpret
> the 'filename' literally, ie. it doesn't expand the wildcard,
> and neither does ant

> Short of attacking the source code of the javadoc task, is there any way of avoiding
> use of quotes here ?

> RobB

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