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From "Duffey, Kevin" <>
Subject Conditional use?
Date Wed, 03 Jan 2001 01:49:14 GMT

Is it possible in a build file to specify conditional capabilities? For
example, I want to get the latest source from VSS, then do a build. If there
is no difference in the build compared to the current files on the disk,
then the rest of the build is terminated. The reason is, if ANY files
changed, I want the build to send out an email notifying individuals that a
build is ready for testing. But if nothing changed, then I don't want it to
do anything else..there is no reason to notify anyone, and no reason to
deploy the build to x number of machines. Only if an actual build took
place. Even better..I would like to copy only the files that have changed
(for speed) so that it doesn't need to copy the whole set of compiled
classes, www pages, etc. It seems to me that the "last" target doesn't
follow this rule. I don't know why, maybe its just me, but I have a build
script with 4 targets. The first 3 targets work as expected..if a file is
the same, it doesn't compile it, or copy it, or what ever. The last target,
which is a "copy" command to copy a dir from one place to another, should
only copy the files that are changed, but it seems to copy the whole dir,
despite that most of the files are the same.


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