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Subject Segmentation fault on DEC
Date Wed, 24 Jan 2001 16:35:32 GMT

Not that I really expect a lot of help on this, but . . . .

We've got a fairly large (~500,000 lines) Java code base which we want to build
and deliver on multiple platforms ("build once, run everywhere" you say?  Read
on).  We've run into a problem on DEC.

For the record, we're using Compaq's 1.3.0-1 version of the jdk, ant version
1.2, and the OS level is 5.1.

The problem seems to occur whenever a "Runtime.getRuntime().exec" gets invoked.
This means whenever we invoke the <exec> task and also in a homemade task I
created.  For reasons I don't understand, it also occurs when the <copy> task is
invoked.  Also, it only happens when I've handed ant a fairly large target (for
example, if I hit the build.xml file at the top of my source tree, I get
multiple errors.  On the other hand, if I hit each build.xml at the bottom of by
build tree one at a time, no errors occur).

The error is a sig_signo [11]: SIGSEV    11*  segmentation violation.  In every
case, a look at the table of processes shows that the main ant process is
sleeping, and a new <java> process has been started and is hung.  Killing off
the zombie allows the sleeping ant process to continue with the build.  I
believe that when a "Runtime.getRuntime().exec" is executed, a new <java>
process is forked off, but then segfaults and hangs immediately.  I have no idea
why this is occuring during a <copy> task.

Any suggestions about why the segfault is occuring during the <copy> task, or at



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