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From "Conor MacNeill" <>
Subject Re: Hi other than the index.xml file is there more documentation somewhere?
Date Sat, 20 Jan 2001 05:36:33 GMT
From: "Alex Genadinik" <>
> I have been looking for some formal, extensive documentation
> to learn ant really well with solid examples and explanations,
> but so far I have only found the index.xml file in the docs directory
> was recommended to me by someone here
> is there anything else I can learn from?


If you are seeking more info from a user level, and I'm guessing that is
true since you posted to ant-user, I think index.html is pretty
comprehensive. It generally has an example for each ant task. If you want
to see examples of complete build files, you might want to start with ant's
own build.xml file and then perhaps look at the build files of other
Jakarta projects that use ant such as Tomcat, Xerces, Cocoon, etc.

If you want to understand ant from a development level, then the code isn't
a bad way to go.

If that doesn't suit, I guess I'd like to know what sort of further
information you would be after that isn't in index.html.


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