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From St├ęphane Bailliez <>
Subject Re: How to
Date Sat, 06 Jan 2001 00:54:08 GMT
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From: "Mahmoud, Khairy" <>

Hello !

> (1)
> How would "ant" run a "perl" script ?
> Is there a task that can do that ?
> Or can I write a task that do that ?.  if yes, how would it look like ?

Use the exec task. There's support for perl under Windows...and unix.
This is just a matter of invoking the right command line.

> (2)
> How would ant invoke third party software to run, e.g. "JTest" or "JUnit",
> etc .....?
> Do i have to write a task to do that ?

There's already a junit task.
I think that JTest is on the way.

If the thirdparty software is not already supported by existing task, you
can either:
- use the exec task or java task just like you would do by hand if it is a
simple 'task'.
- write a Ant task that support your thirdparty tool and that is perfectly
integrated into ant.

Please don't forget to read the ant manual and check existing tasks

There are additional tasks in the current development snapshot that were
submitted. But don't forget it's in development. If you use a development
snapshot, you know what are the implications...

Hope it helps.

Stephane Bailliez, Paris France

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