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From "Howard Lin" <>
Subject scripting antcall causes NullPointerException
Date Thu, 25 Jan 2001 20:31:58 GMT
Hi, I'm trying to script antcall in my build.xml file. In the file, sub1 and
sub2 are doing the same thing. But sub2 gives a NullPointerException in the
script. After examing the source code, I figured out that I need to add
these two lines "antcall.setOwningTarget(sub2); antcall.init();" before
"antcall.setTarget("sub"). Is this a bug? Or is there another way to do

Howard Lin

<project name="testscript" default="main">
  <target name="sub">
    <echo message="theEcho" />

  <target name="sub2">
    <script language="javascript"><![CDATA[

  <target name="sub1">
 <antcall target="sub"/>

  <target name="main" depends="sub1, sub2" />

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