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From "Michael van Leeuwen" <>
Subject Re: Building modular software
Date Fri, 12 Jan 2001 20:27:28 GMT
> 1. How do I manage dependencies between different build.xml files?  For
> example, module A in build1.xml might depend on module B in build2.xml.

Currently, as Peter Donald said, this can only be done on the highest level,
which makes it rather useless, but an additional ant task in the target,
<target name="A">
<ant target="B" dir="..\..\dependendlib">
should possibly do it also. No depend, but a forced build.

(note, for the configure task, when rescanning, the target name called
 not be the same as the current target; otherwise it will be deleted)

Michael van Leeuwen.
See for the configure task:

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