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Subject Re: Property not evaluated in project "basedir" attribute
Date Tue, 12 Dec 2000 18:13:18 GMT

Thanks for the prompt response. That workaround should be fine.

I can see no reason that properties shouldn't be expanded the same regardless of element.
Perhaps an enhancement will be made soon...


>>> 12/12/00 12:04PM >>>
DONNIE HALE <> wrote:

> In my ant command line, I'm setting a property via
> "-dBLDROOT=$BLDROOT" (Korn shell). The project element in the build
> file attempts to set basedir using 'basedir="${BLDROOT}".

Currently Ant won't expand properties in <project> or <target>. A
workaround would be to not define basedir at all and invoke Ant with
-Dbasidr=$BLDROOT as Ant looks for a property named basedir if the
corresponding attribute has not been set.


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