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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: About deleting jar files - i think it is a clear BUG
Date Mon, 04 Dec 2000 11:50:05 GMT
Edwin Guenthner <> wrote:

> Still I am wondering: why is it necessary to include the JAR file to
> the classpath at all?

The only JAR files that will be included automagically are the ones in
ANT_HOME/lib and this is not the place to put your own JAR file IMHO.

If your JAR is not in that directory, than it must be in the
CLASSPATH. Ant will not add it by itself.

> I cant see any sense in including any JAR file that is found:

Apart from the ANT_HOME/lib which is there so that the user doesn't
need to specify the locations of varios support libraries (XML parser
or similar).

> If I dont mention a file; I expect that ANT will not notice this
> file at all.

This is what Ant is doing. If you see a different behavior, please
send a snippet of your build file, the output of ant -verbose and the
settings of your environment here so that we can trace down the


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