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From David Walend <>
Subject fork javac
Date Thu, 28 Dec 2000 16:24:45 GMT
I am using ant to build multiple jar files in the same ant run. I've
got a .jar of
interfaces, then a .jar of implementation, and last a .jar of tests. 

If I change an interface, then javac/ant crashes while compiling the
implementation classes with an "ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsError" and advice to
mail the JDC bug list for help.

I think the problem is that ant loads up old versions of the classes with
its own ClassLoader, then is stuck with the old versions for the rest of
the ant run.

I fork all my junit tasks to new jvms. I'd like to do the same for my
javac tasks. I think that will be an easy fix for the problem. But the
javac task doesn't support fork="yes".

Is there an easy way to fork javac?

If you need to see source code, the whole project including the build.xml 
is up on It's not yet fit for human
consumption, so please don't be too critical.



David Forrest Walend               
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which cannot be justified on any other grounds."
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