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From Chris Platner <>
Subject RE: Thinking about Source Control
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2000 02:39:20 GMT
Other programming interfaces that try to solve this same problem are SCC,
Microsoft's interface, and WebDAV + DeltaV.  Each should probably be
examined for relevance.


Chris Platner

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From: Curtis White []
Sent: Wednesday, December 20, 2000 11:57 AM
Subject: Re: Thinking about Source Control

I agree with this idea. To the end user, it shouldn't
really matter which SCM product you are using. The
external interface should be the same.

But that brings up the question on what to do about
functionality specific to each SCM?


--- "Day, Jem BGI WAC" <>
> Hi,
>   It's my impression that there is an admirable
> effort underway by
>   various people to produce ANT tasks for various
> vendors SCM
>   tools ie CVS, VSS, Perforce, ClearCase etc.
>   Is there any move to try and make all these
> disperate efforts more
>   pluggable, ie some 'base' SCM functionality within
> ANT to allow
>   a user to produce a build.xml that is SCM
> independant and then
>   plug-in the SCM task of choice at run-time.
>   I feel that it ought to be acheivable, but whether
> it's worth the
>   effort is a totally different matter ;-)
> Jem [just thinking out loud]
> ----------------------------------------
> Jem Day
> Barclays Global Investors

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