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Subject Re: Ant does not build my sources (Tomcat 3.2)
Date Wed, 13 Dec 2000 09:09:09 GMT

> This is extremely strange as well. Line 150 is a blank line in my
> version of Which date has the version of Ant been
> compiled on?

I found that Ant is compiled on 29 Nov. 2000.

> What's really strange here is that Ant thinks Property would not be a
> subclass of Task - this is indicated by the TaskAdapter line above. It
> seems as if and
> have been loaded by different
> classloaders.

> Is this a stand alone invocation of Ant or are you running Ant inside
> another application (like Tomcat)?

This is a stand alone invocation of Ant. But I am using the ant.jar and
ant/antRun shipped by Tomcat 3.2. Basically I am trying to invoke ant to
build a tree of java source...

> Stefan

Thanks in advance,

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