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From "Sylvain Rey" <>
Subject RE: ejbjar does not include non-bean files
Date Wed, 20 Dec 2000 00:27:47 GMT
> Hi all!
>    I'm having a small problem building EJBs for Weblogic 5.1. For
> most of my
> beans, Ant build the JAR files just fine. However, the problem I
> have has to
> do with the inclusion of "utility" classes for the EJB. I have 2
> directories
> of files that need to go into my JAR file. They are in the
> following package
> structure
> com.acme.*
> com.acme.utility.*
> When I invoke the ejbjar task, it does a great job finding all of the EBJ
> classes in the com.acme package, but it does not add the utility
> files (i.e.
> non-ejb type files) in the com.acme.utility path to the JAR file.
> I suspect that the problem isn't the nested directory, but the fact that
> EJBJAR is reading the ejb-jar.xml file to figure out which .class files to
> include in the JAR. Does anyone know a way around this, or am I doing
> something wrong?

I've ran into the same problem a few days ago and I've finally decided to
include the lacking files by updating the classes using the jar command.

Note that you can't use the jar task of ant as it doesn't know how to update
a jar (btw, thanks to Diane for explaining me this point). You will have to
use exec on the jar command.

If there is another way to achieve that, I would be very happy to know it !


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