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From "Noel Rappin" <>
Subject JUnit Task
Date Fri, 29 Dec 2000 15:21:54 GMT
I think this just got answered to the list, but I deleted the message, so I
apologize if this is a repeat.

I'm trying to use the JUnit task -- I'm starting with one subclass of
TestCase that has a constructor, a startUp() a tearDown() and one
testSomething() method.  I also have a second class that contains a static
suite() method that returns the suite from the TestCase.  This works from
the JUnit TextRunner.

Trying to do this in Ant, I see the following problems:

* When I point the <test> to the TestCase, I get the message:
No tests found in

* When I point the <test> at the second class, Ant complains that it doesn't
have a TestCase(String) constructor, which is true, but I was expecting it
to call the static suite() method.

So how does the Ant JUnit task find tests?  What am I missing here?



Noel Rappin
Principal Software Engineer, Internal Development
(781) 274-7000 x305
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