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From Ryan Houlgate <>
Subject Overriding property values in Ant
Date Mon, 04 Dec 2000 18:00:17 GMT
I'm trying to create a hierarchical build structure. I'd like to be able to
call build files (build.xml) in subdirectories from any level. I'm using
local and global property files to set variables to appropriate values for
the [sub]directories that they're in. The problem I'm running into is that
once a variable is set in the upper directory and it calls the build file in
the subdirectory the build file in the subdirectory cannot use the same
variable. I get errors that look like:
[property] Override ignored for propertyFoo

Is there any way to get ant to understand that the values are only in the
context of the current build file?
Thank You,
-Ryan Houlgate

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