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From Tom Elrod <>
Subject <uptodate> check that srcfile exists
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2000 19:16:34 GMT
I would like to recompile an IDL file if the IDL file is newer than the
source it generates, which the sample code below does.  I would also like to
recompile the IDL file if the source it generates does not exist.  Anyone
have an idea how I would do this?

<target name="loader.exists" depends="prepare">
	<uptodate property="pb.loader.idl"
		  targetfile="${srcDir}\infrastructure\loader\Loader.idl" >
		  <srcfiles dir="${srcDir}\infrastructure\loader\"
includes="*Loader*.java,stringArrayH*.java" />
<target name="loader.idl" depends="prepare,loader.exists" if="pb.loader.idl"
<exec executable="${idlcmd}" 
  <arg value="-no_tie"/>
  <arg value="-no_examples"/>
  <arg value="-no_comments"/>
  <arg value="-root_dir"/>
  <arg value="${srcDir}"/>
  <arg value="Loader.idl"/>

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