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From "Snyder, Tom" <>
Subject RE: Costs of using ant as a scripting language?
Date Mon, 18 Dec 2000 13:30:10 GMT

At 12:14  17/12/00 -0500, Nicholas Christopher wrote:
>I've use ANT now very happily for build, test and 
>deploy of a Java app across windows and linux. Usually 
>my stuff deploys both a shell script and batch file
>for launching the app. What I wonder is why shouldn't 
>I just launch the app from an ant task?  Let ANT worry 
>about the script & batch issue. I know that it's 
>completely viable (I do it for testing) but I'm just 
>wondering what the overhead/cost is of launching an app 
>from ANT vs a script?  Any thoughts?

I've been playing around with using ant as a launch harness 
too.  I replaced almost all of my bat/sh files with ant xml
files.  I'm now down to one script: startapp <app-name> that 
sets up ant (ant_home etc.), and runs ant using <app-name>.xml
as the buildfile. Works great on single apps. 

Just remember what Peter said:
At Sunday, December 17, 2000 11:37 PM, Peter Donald wrote:
>>I say go for it if you can. Java/Ant does not have access to some OS
>>specific settings easily (ie environment variables/specific commands etc)

If you do any getRuntime().exec(..), like java/javac, you have 
to pass any needed environment info to the command.

I'm now trying (unsuccessfully) to get ant to launch multiple apps from the
buildfile.  Would be interested in hearing from others doing the same.

- Tom

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