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From "Reuleaux, Andreas" <>
Subject calling ant from cygwin under win32
Date Wed, 13 Dec 2000 14:41:20 GMT
Hi ants,

I am using ant on a win32 System. The Scripts to call ant that come with the
current distribution include

  ant (formerly    ---    a (ba)sh - Skript for UNIX and
  ant.bat                        ---   for the win32 command line

I am using cygwin as a better command line interpreter for win32 though,
that is the GNU utils including
bash ported to win32, see

I find myself modifying the ant Skript to be suitable for cygwin each time a
new ant version gets out 
and I wonder if it wouldn't be possible to include such an **ant-cygwin**
Skript in the ant distibution.
Anyone interested will find some hints of what modifications I am using
(I am not sure if alternatively it would be possible to have one single
Script the runs under unix and cygwin).


Modifications for ant to make it suitable for cygwin:
  * replace ':' by ';' in the classpath as the java-interpreter under win32
wants the path elements separated by ';'
    (but is comfortable with forward slashes in the classpath like 
    -classpath d:/wherever/ant.jar;d:/wherever/blah.jar...)
  * whenever a path is expanded I use double quotes that is I replace
    (don't really know why just found the difference is essential in order
to get things running)
  * haven't included the environment classpath $CLASSPATH yet.
  * in my bashrc I have the following settings:
      export JAVA_HOME="d:/jdk1.3"
      export ANT_HOME="d:/win32/ant/v1.2-bin-okt2000"
      export PATH="$PATH:/cygdrive/d/win32/ant/v1.2-bin-okt2000/bin" 
    Beware: :/cygdrive/d/ works for the path in cygwin-bash but confuses the

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