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From Jeff Davies <>
Subject RE: ejbjar does not include non-bean files
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2000 17:58:00 GMT
Thanks for the thoughtful reply!

I think that you and I are taking different approaches to the EJB issue.
Wher I am consulting now, we have a large project that is split into 6 major
components. Each component is a collection of 5+ EJBs and their supporting
files. Each component gets compiled into a single jar. I can see your point
on this. If we were compiling each EJB into its own JAR file, including the
support files would be very bad indeed!

Overall, I don't think this is a big issue. In my scripts now (taking the
advice of another Ant/EJB user on this forum) I simply <exec> the jar
command AFTER the <ejbc> task has run. This subsequent jar command then adds
all of the support files to the ejb jar and everything works great!

- Jeff

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From: Conor MacNeill []
Sent: Tuesday, December 19, 2000 11:17 PM
Subject: Re: ejbjar does not include non-bean files


ejbjar does not include the support files by design. Whether that is right
or wrong, I'm not sure. I have always had a problem with support files. If
you go jar per bean but your support files are used by more than one bean,
what do you do? If you put it in each jar, well the potential classloader
conflicts scare me a little.

Dropping down to a weblogic specific level, I am pretty sure that weblogic
says something about support files, such as they are not supported by
hotdeploy. When I tried to package support classes under 4.51 I got a lot
of ClassNotFoundErrors. We have settled on building our ejb code into a jar
file which is deployed as a separate jar. We then package all the beans up,
one bean per jar. It may not be exactly what the EJB spec says, but it
works for now. We may revisit that but not in a hurry.

OK, so that is my particular situation and your's is no doubt different. If
you wanted to include additional class files into the jar, it would be
possible to add a <support-classes> nested element to select the support
classes with appropriate include / exclude classes. What do you think ?


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