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From Barry Nauta <>
Subject IDL compilation with ant -> problem?
Date Fri, 29 Dec 2000 10:19:54 GMT

We want to use ant for our build-process but encountered the following

We use quite a lot of IDLs and compilation of all IDLs together takes
more than 15 

The following works just fine in ant

     36     <target name="idl" depends="init">
     37         <execon
     38             executable="idl2java"
     39         >
     40             <arg line="-gen_included_files -examples
-retain_comments -boa -root_dir ${idl-javafiles} -I ${idl-src}" />
     41             <fileset dir="${idl-src}">
     42                 <include name="**/*.idl" />
     43             </fileset>
     44         </execon>
     45     </target>

The problem with this target is that it compiles ALL idl files (so
taking more that 15 minutes to compile), where we would like to compile
only those who have changed or those who are influenced by a change

Is there some sort of dependency checking possible or do we have to
write a seperate tool that generates build files based on dependencies?


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