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From marco struck <>
Subject Re: Fw: Problem using script task
Date Wed, 27 Dec 2000 15:02:00 GMT
If you want to do something like decisions about a right value of
parameters or want to check if some parameters was set. I know that it's
possible, but it doesn't look pretty, does it ?

 <target name="" unless="">
  <fail message="Error: Missing property" />

 <target name="check_customer.project" unless="customer.project">
  <fail message="Error: Missing property customer.project" />

 <target name="check_customer.psi" unless="customer.psi">
  <fail message="Error: Missing property customer.psi" />

 <target name="create" depends="prepare,,
check_customer.project, check_customer.psi">

But I think flow control tasks are also very ugly. So we should use the
Script task - but it doesn't really work, because IBM has update the Bean
Scripting Framework (BSF) - I think - and it runs not longer with Ant :ยด-(

Please, is someone out there, who is able to fix that bug !? - I would like
to use the Script task

David Corbin wrote:

> Jason Rosenberg wrote:
> > So, probably, once I get to a point where I've got my preliminary
> > build installation working, I'll make an effort to start writing
> > some useful flow control tasks.  I assume that wouldn't be
> > too difficult.
> >
> > Or, are there philosophical objections to doing so.  Simple
> > things like loops and conditionals, etc.
> >
> > Jason
> >
> I'm hardly and authority, but...
> What is that you want to do that you can't do with ant.  Please give an
> explicit example.  It is my initial reaction that if you're going to
> turn ant into another programming/scripting language, that is the wrong
> path.
> --
> David Corbin
> Mach Turtle Technologies, Inc.

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