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From David Corbin <>
Subject Re: Fw: Problem using script task
Date Wed, 27 Dec 2000 14:37:13 GMT
Jason Rosenberg wrote:

> So, probably, once I get to a point where I've got my preliminary
> build installation working, I'll make an effort to start writing
> some useful flow control tasks.  I assume that wouldn't be
> too difficult.
> Or, are there philosophical objections to doing so.  Simple
> things like loops and conditionals, etc.
> Jason

I'm hardly and authority, but...

What is that you want to do that you can't do with ant.  Please give an
explicit example.  It is my initial reaction that if you're going to
turn ant into another programming/scripting language, that is the wrong

David Corbin 		
Mach Turtle Technologies, Inc.

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