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From Jean-Baptiste BRIAUD <>
Subject Paranoiac question ...
Date Thu, 14 Dec 2000 11:21:38 GMT
Laurent Etiemble wrote:
> Hello
> As far as I know (Ant 1.2), it is not possible to set a such option for the
> cvs checkout command. So if you want to use the -d option of the cvs
> checkout command, you have to write some code in the CVS task in order to
> make it.
> In Ant 1.2, you can have :
> * global-options :
>     -d for the CVSROOT
>     -n for the nop mode
>     -q for the quiet mode
> * command-options :
>     -r for the revision/tag
>     -D for the date
> (Maybe I'm forgetting some...)
> Regards.
Hello all,

When launching ant, you have to say where to find Java.
Let's supose we'll use jdk 1.2 for that stuff.

When you launch an application with ant with JAVA tag,
and with a JVM attribut that point to jdk1.3
how to be sure that it won't use rt.jar of jdk1.2 ?
(there is a $CLASSPATH env variable that point to
jdk1.2/../rt.jar to launch ant)

I ask this question because I notice my appli work
even if I never add a nested
<classpath path="jdk1.3/...../rt.jar" />

So if I didn't add this line, witch rt.jar was used ???

(I'm afraid that the forked by ant java process inherit
the $CLASSPATH env variable from OS)

Any idea to solve my paranoia ?
Jean-Baptiste BRIAUD                    Solsoft
  software engineer    

Solsoft SA  130 rue Victor Hugo  92300 Levallois-Perret
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