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From Jean-Baptiste BRIAUD <>
Subject DIR attribut of JAVA tag
Date Tue, 12 Dec 2000 18:05:40 GMT
Hello all,

I had noticed that when using dir attribut of java tag :

<target name="startps" depends="init">
	<java classname="[snip]" dir="${JVM.DIR}" fork="yes">
	        <jvmarg line="../foo" />
	         <arg line="[snip]"/>
		<classpath path="[snip]" />

the path specified with dir became the current dir of the JVM.

I think this is a strange behavior since we specified
current dir of all process relative to BASEDIR with
the PROJECT tag :

<project name="[snip]" basedir ="." default="help" ...

Using DIR attribut is very usefull to choose the
JVM version to use (1.3, 1.2, ...).

Let's imagine my class need foo folder, foo may be
a level higher than BASEDIR, (it work like that
before I used DIR attribut) but with DIR attribut
it will assume than foo is "inside" DIR folder.

Am I missing something ?
Any help appreciated.

  Thanks !

Jean-Baptiste BRIAUD                    Solsoft
  software engineer    

Solsoft SA  130 rue Victor Hugo  92300 Levallois-Perret
    "Policy Management for eBusiness Security"

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