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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: Ant "dist" creates bad WAR file?
Date Sun, 17 Dec 2000 00:26:25 GMT
At 07:23  16/12/00 -0500, Barry L. Kline wrote:
>I recently upgraded from Tomcat 3.1 to Tomcat 3.2.  I discovered the
>requisite changes required to my build.xml file to allow the included
>version of ant to do its job.  Everything is working except ./build
>dist.   Resulting war files fail to build the correct directory
>structure under $TOMCAT_HOME.  I'm unable to get the "myapp" sample
>application to work properly.
>If I go to $TOMCAT_HOME/doc/appdev/sample and issue:  ./  all,
>everything compiles fine.  If I start tomcat, I can successfully
>access the servlet.  If I then do a "./ dist" and move the
>resulting war file into the webapps directory of tomcat, shut down
>tomcat, delete the myapp directory, then restart tomcat, the resulting
>directly precludes running the app.  There isn't even a
>WEB-INF/classes directory created.
>This all worked fine for me in 3.1.  Can anyone offer an explanation?

This is ant-user list for information about how to run/setup the ant build
dependency tool. For tomcat specific questions you may wish to ask on the
tomcat lists as they will probably be more helpful ;)



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