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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: ANT" Excludes.
Date Wed, 13 Dec 2000 00:59:47 GMT
At 04:34  12/12/00 -0800, hetan shah wrote:
>I sent this mail in the morning and am still waiting for the reply. Can
>someone please reply this mail. TIA.

give us a bit of time ;)

>What would be the best way to exclude a directory and/or everything under
>directory in a target ? Here is my setup.

hmm - what version of ant are you using (type ant -version). In recent
versions of Ant the target "init" is not treated specially and will not be
called first. In which case you may want xmlc to depend on init.

What could be happening is that the property "build.xmlc.dir" is not
defined before usage which means that ${build.xmlc.dir} will not get
exapnded. Could uyou check this is not the case.

If not could you try run ant with verbose mode "ant -v" and read the logs
to see what it is saying. If you still can't figure it out repost your



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