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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: JAR annoyance
Date Tue, 12 Dec 2000 23:36:53 GMT
At 04:00  12/12/00 -0600, wrote:
>Ant is now refusing to jar things for me.  The following task:
>          <jar jarfile="${JARDIR}/lawsonrt.jar"
>               whenempty="fail">
>               <fileset dir="${CLASSDIR}" >
>                    <include name="com/**/*.class" />
>               </fileset>
>          </jar>
>fails with the error:
>"Problem creating jar: ZIP file must have at least one entry."
>and a stack trace.  The thing is, the fileset points to a whopping big
number of
>files, as I proved to myself by using the same fileset construction to
copy all
>of those class files to a temp directory.
>So why can't the jar task interpret the fileset and pick up the ~1200
files I'm
>pointing it to?  I originally tried using only attributes of the jar task
>("basedir," "includes", etc.), and that seemed to be working for a while.
>I've done a lot of mucking since then and I don't understand why it's broken.

try running ant with -v (verbose) flag and reading the output. If it is
still not imeediately obvious send the relevent snippet to here and we will
try to help.



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