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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: <javadoc> disappointmenet
Date Fri, 08 Dec 2000 16:06:06 GMT
At 03:55  8/12/00 +0000, you wrote:
>I'm still quite new  to using Ant and I must say that on the whole I'm
>very pleased at this point.  However I decided to try to use the
><javadoc> methods and ran into what I feel is a major disappointment
>that should be improved upon.  There may be plans for this in future
>releases, and if so, hooray, otherwise well maybe it should be

Sure - if someone wants to write it ;)

>My problem is that Ant appears to call the javadoc as a command, rather
>than utilizing the javadoc api.  Using the API should be able to allow
>filesets, as are used by javac and possibly make the tag more
>functional.  Are there any plans for this in the future?  Am I off my

If you are talking about the doclet API then unfortunately it doesn't help.
The doclet API produces an end product. There was talk a while back of just
reimplementing a better javadoc - it would be relatively easy to do in
under 20 hours or so - but the problem would be one of acceptance and

No doubt if one tool was created it couldn't be called javadoc and it would
be difficult - if not impossible to get wide spread adoptance. A few people
have emailed the javadoc team to see what the deal is but there is zero
response. Hell I even offered to reprogram it for them but I still get no
response - pfft. 

There was a solution that was offered a while back to make javadoc
incremental builds usable. There was XMLDoclet moved to Apache Alexandria
project a while back. Ideally you could modify this to product an .xdoc
file per .java file. Then you could diff the .java/.xdoc files and compare
timestamps and only rebuild those that are necessary to be rebuilt. No one
implemented this last time I checked thou so you pretty much have to sit on
your laurels while building javadocs ;(



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