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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: About deleting jar files - i think it is a clear BUG
Date Mon, 04 Dec 2000 09:58:12 GMT
At 10:47  4/12/00 +0100, wrote:
>when ant starts, it will setup the property
>I dont know why, but the jar-file that I want to DELETE appears in
>this list, too. To me it It looks like every jar-file that is found is
>included in the value
>for java.class.path. In my eyes this behaviour is just a plain BUG:

Umm - that only occurs if you generate the file into ants library directory
- which you should not be doing. You should generate it in another position.

>I dont need the jar file for compiling; neither is it necessary to appear
>in ANY classpath. Whoever is responsible for determing the
>value for java.class.path should ensure that such jar-files are omitted!

you are responsible so do it yourself ;)

>So please change this. It is really a very annoying BUG:
>in a Java environment it is very natural to build JAR-files. Therefore
>deleting JAR-files is natural as well. Now I have to write script that
>delete the file before calling ant ... not a very sophisticated solution.

As I said this shouldn't occur - it looks like you are generating into ants
libpath. This is usually "$ANT_HOME/lib". So instead of generating the jar
there generate it in another directory.



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