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From Peter Donald <>
Subject RE: Could you please?
Date Sat, 02 Dec 2000 21:19:23 GMT
At 03:01  2/12/00 -0500, you wrote:
>This request makes me wonder whether it might be worth it to create some
>sort of build file 'repository' or 'library' (in the public library sense,
>rather than the programming sense).  While the Ant docs are really good
>(IMHO), particularly for an open source project, it sometimes helps newbies
>to see examples of entire build files.

I agree. It also promotes a good directory structure layout ;) I started a
standards type document a while back as a sort of best practices build
description. It included things like names of targets, directory structure
etc. I guess it would be good to dust that off and see what everyone thinks ;)

>As I work more and more with Ant, I am beginning to see build-related design
>patterns.  Perhaps we could somewhow catalog those Ant-related
>design/usage/style patterns?  Just a thought.

Very good thought ;)



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