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From Curtis White <>
Subject Re: Thinking about Source Control
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2000 19:42:55 GMT

--- David Corbin <> wrote:
> > 3) Build project.
> > 4) Check in a .war file.
> > 5) Attach .war file to previously created label.
> Ick!  While I won't say I NEVER violate this rule,
> the S in SCM stands
> for "source".  I don't like to put anything that is
> generatable into
> source control.

Actually, in a large enterprise, there are many
reasons to put generatable files into the SCM. Many
people, who are not usually developers, access files
in the SCM. Should they have to setup a complete
development environment and learn how to compile and
build the files just to get the latest version of a
.war or .jar file? Also, the developer may make tweaks
to his system in order to get the project to build
correctly. That would mean that everyone who ever
wanted to access the .war or .jar file would be
required to make those same tweaks to their system,
even if all they are doing is deploying the files into
a test or production environment.

An SCM is more than just a repository for source code.
It will version control any kind of file. And most
large companies I have ever seen or worked for,
version control all kinds of files in the SCM.
Therefore, I see that request as perfectly valid.


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