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From Curtis White <>
Subject RE: Thinking about Source Control
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2000 16:59:55 GMT
I agree that it would be nice to have some SCM tools
fully implemented. But some, such as ClearCase, are so
extensive, it would require a completely separate
project in order to get it all implemented. Many of
the commands are used primarily for admin purposes
only and are very rarely ever used. It would be hard
to justify the time it would take to implement those

I agree with Conor in that the various SCM tools are
so different that it would be very difficult to find
enough common functionality to allow for a single
interface. But I think there could be some consistency
in the way they handle files (fileset, patternset),
attribute names, and anything else that might be
similar between them.

I believe the way other tools handle the multiple
products is by implementing a subset of features that
they all support. But this usually ends up being the
least common denominator of the complete feature list.
Most people choose a particular SCM tool for its
functionality outside the standard check-in, check-out
and update functions.

Still, it sure would be nice to find some better way
to do it.


--- Douglas Melzer <> wrote:
> I'd prefer to have an implementation that fully
> addresses a particular SCM tool's capabilities.
> My project has just switched from Visual Source Safe
> to a proprietary SCM tool and it wasn't that big of
> deal to update my ant build configuration.
> My experience is that most companies adopt a
> particular SCM tool, so I believe greater emphasis
> should be placed upon fully supporting an SCM tool's
> capabilities as opposed to trying to identify the
> common features. 
> While some common terms for checkin, checkout, etc.
> could be identified many of the command options are
> going to vary with the particular SCM tool. Having
> these options retain the naming conventions of the
> particular SCM tool will make it much easier to
> refer back to SCM tool documentation when necessary.

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