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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Re: Paranoiac question ...
Date Thu, 14 Dec 2000 15:20:49 GMT
Create a little classfile that prints out sun.boot.class.path (and
whatever else you're feeling paranoid about :), then create a target in
your build-file that's identical to the target with the <java> task,
except change the classname to your little system-props-print classfile.
Run the target and verify that your paranoia was just that. :)


--- Jean-Baptiste BRIAUD <> wrote:
> When launching ant, you have to say where to find Java.
> Let's supose we'll use jdk 1.2 for that stuff.
> When you launch an application with ant with JAVA tag,
> and with a JVM attribut that point to jdk1.3
> how to be sure that it won't use rt.jar of jdk1.2 ?
> (there is a $CLASSPATH env variable that point to
> jdk1.2/../rt.jar to launch ant)
> I ask this question because I notice my appli work
> even if I never add a nested
> <classpath path="jdk1.3/...../rt.jar" />
> So if I didn't add this line, witch rt.jar was used ???
> (I'm afraid that the forked by ant java process inherit
> the $CLASSPATH env variable from OS)
> Any idea to solve my paranoia ?


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