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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Re: Integration in JBuilder
Date Tue, 12 Dec 2000 23:29:01 GMT
<include/> takes a single name, not a comma-separated list. Break your
<include name="...,..."> down to two separate <include name="..."/>'s, or
use the "includes" attribute, which can take a comma-separated list.


--- Chris Hall <> wrote:
> This is reviving an old thread from late October.
> First off, there are a number of useful OpenTools for JBuilder at:
> More specifically there is a good tool to incorporate Ant in JBuilder
> at:
> Unfortunately, this tool has not been quite right for my purposes (for
> various reasons).  So my solution is to have a number of different
> Configurations under Run Projects.  Each configuration compiles a
> different
> EJB in our code, all based on the same ant build file.  We currently
> access
> this ant file thorugh a number of scripts (one for each EJB) that pass a
> number of parameters to the ant build file.  I have been able to
> duplicate
> the scripts exactally in JBuilder and things are working for 8 out of 9
> of
> the EJBs.  The last EJB has a few more files to compile and it doesn't
> seem
> to be doing everything it should be.
> Lets say the directory contains a bunch of files:
> /svc/
> /svc/
> etc etc.
> Only those files that start with "Merchant" (including ones that are not
> part of the bean) are being compiled.
> The relevant ant build code is this:
> <target name="compile" depends="init">
>   <javac srcdir="${src.dir}"
>          destdir="${build.dir}"
>          classpath="${classpath}"
>          debug="on" deprecation="on" >
>     <include name="**/${}*,**/svc/*" />
>   </javac>
> </target>
> where ${} is "Merchant"
> I would think that the **/${}* part would compile all files
> starting with Merchant in the whole tree structure, while the **/svc/*
> part
> would make sure that all files in the /svc/ directory would get compiled
> no
> mater what name they start with.  In other words, these two parts should
> interact in an "or" fashion, but they seem to be acting in an "and"
> fashion.
> The other complication is that things are working fine, with the same
> build
> file, in my shell scripts.  Argh.
> Anyway, thanks for your help and patience with this long winded e-mail.
> --Chris
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