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From David Elliot <>
Subject Compiling Ant on Linux...classic/modern javac not detected.
Date Mon, 11 Dec 2000 06:42:49 GMT
Hi all,

Apologies if this is already discussed, as I can't
find an archive of this list...

Question:  When trying to build Ant on linux
(RH 6.2) the build process complains that it can't
find a classic compiler.  I have several jdks and
have now tried them all.  I have also tried setting
the compiler property to "modern" in build.xml, no 
joy.  My classpath, path, java_home all look 
correct, does anybody know what magic needs to be
woven for Ant to recognise a linux java compiler as
either modern or classic ??  If it would just simply
use the javac in my path (blackdown 1.3) I would be

p.s. Seems odd that Ant is lining itself up for
a problem experienced by the arts community.  By
defining v1.3 as modern, will we wind up dealing
with compiler settings such as post-modern, 
very-modern, ultra-modern, still-got-its-price-tag, 
et all?

Thanks for any tips,

Dave Elliot

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