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From "Don Schaefer" <>
Subject RE: Trouble getting classpath to work...
Date Mon, 11 Dec 2000 13:23:12 GMT
For one I'm glad it does not write out a warning on commas.  For SCM we 
use Continuus and it puts commas in the path.  We've had a couple of 
tools that don't like a "," and we have to work around this by mapping 
directories to hide the ",". I wish that Continuus did not put the comma 
in there but it does....

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On 12/8/00, 10:41:08 AM, "Rosen, Alex" <> wrote 
regarding RE: Trouble getting classpath to work...:

> > You had a comma-separated list of filenames in your
> > <include/> -- that's a no-no.

> I got bit by this too, when I first started playing with Ant. I spent a 
> of hours being completely baffled by filesets, til I realized what I was 
> wrong. And I thought, can't Ant give a warning when it sees a comma where 
> not expecting one? Comma is a legit file character, but I think it's 
> rare - I'd bet that 99% of the time you see a comma, it's an error. 
That's a
> pretty good reason for a warning...

> Alex

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